First things first, the chest CT came back negative, which is positive. One sigh of relief. Also, we’ve scheduled our meeting with Dr Auletta (aka Jeff) for tomorrow afternoon, after which we should have at least the beginnings of a plan in place.

As for now, the boys are thoroughly enjoying themselves. Yesterday, my parents took them to the Great Lakes Science Center and they spent the morning jumping on trampolines and playing in the ball pit. I feel like we need to fit in as many of those kid-filled (and germ-filled) outings before the seclusion of chemo begins. I like to think that I’m fattening him up. I’ve been trying to do this literally, making all his favorite food and offering additional treats, in preparation for the inevitable weight loss he’ll soon experience. But I’m also trying to fatten him (and all of us) up with laughter and joy and time spent running around outside and seeing friends and doing all the day-to-day activities he so loves.

It’s like the little mouse in the book Frederick by Leo Lionni. Winter is approaching and all the other mice are busy getting ready, gathering nuts and leaves and food, and poor little Frederick just sits there, looking at the flowers and watching the sunset. Of course, the other mice get thoroughly annoyed with him and call him lazy and wonder what good he’s doing any of them, just sitting around like that. And then the long winter comes and they’re all together underground, eating their stored food and getting increasingly bored and impatient for spring, when Frederick appears on a rock and starts spinning stories, painting pictures in their minds of blue skies and colorful rainbows and bright flowers and glorious sunsets. And they’re all so thankful that he was wise enough to think ahead like that and prepare in such a wonderful and unexpected way.

So, that’s us, fattening up on love and laughter and sunshine. Speaking of, I’m on my way outside….