Do bloggers get time off for summer vacation? Maybe where readers are allowed a break too but are mandated to return to regular reading on a set date in the fall? I know there was a time not too long ago when everyone would get mighty worried if they didn’t hear from me for more than 48 hours. Rest assured we are fine and healthy and just busy, busy, busy (and not yet willing — or skilled enough– to blog from my iPhone).

Spent a long lazy weekend at Chautauqua with some of Mark’s old Peace Corps friends, two couples and a little boy who we haven’t seen in six years. It was lots of fun, even for the one other wife and I who have never set foot in Ukraine (and don’t really plan to despite our husbands’ insistance we’d “love it”).


Braedan and Austin immortalized in the Michigan gear brought to them by our
Ann Arbor friends (much to Mark’s dismay!)

We’ve been home for two days and are off again tomorrow for a cold and rainy weekend in Cape Cod (sans daddy!) for my mom’s family reunion. Hmmm, sure seems like fun to be stuck in a hotel room with two active little boys for two days . . .  I wonder if Austin is old enough to sit through an entire movie yet? I’ve heard Up is appealing to all. Maybe that will be our authentic Atlantic Coast experience.

Back to our regular schedule next week with some pretty exciting news to report . . .