After weeks and weeks of organizing closets, washing windows, spreading much and repainting walls, we are finally on the market!

The sign went up on Saturday, the brokers’ Open House was yesterday (where the house won rave reviews) and the first official Open House is this Sunday. So, if you know anyone looking for a completely finished, move-in ready, brick center-hall colonial . . . Geez, I sound like a realtor!

So far, the process has been pretty painless (except for my arm which is rather sore from washing every single window on our first, second and third floors). The house looks fantastic which is great motivation for keeping it looking fantastic. It’s so true what they say about how your house never looks as good as it does when you’re trying to sell it. All those little imperfections that you live with and don’t even notice suddenly jump out at you, and then once you make whatever usually minor improvement was necessary and see how easy it was and how good it looks, you wonder how you’d lived with it so long in the first place.

Seeing the sign up in the yard was a little bittersweet. We have loved this house and have had lots of happy moments in our seven-and-a-half years here. I can only imagine what it’s like for the woman moving out of our new house, who’s lived there for forty-five years, raised her children living there, lost her husband living there . . . bittersweet probably doesn’t adequately describe her emotions about leaving. But we’ve met her and I hope she has a sense of the love and joy that is moving in there. Like I said before, we will pack it up and take it with us.

If it can fit in the truck!