Yesterday’s golf event was a total success. The weather turned out beautifully, after a surprisingly chilly start, and, as many of you already know, we did indeed end up on the news . . . twice. Betsy Kling was the MC for event (and also a golfer), so she did her 6 o’clock and her 7 o’clock weather forecasts from there and interviewed us both times.

On the 6 o’clock news, it was me and the boys (as Mark was still on the course . . . a golf widow yet again), and Braedan was definitely the star. They at first asked if Austin might talk about his experience but 1) he was too young to have any clear memories of it, 2) his speech is still in the very difficult to understand stages (sometimes even for us) and 3) he’s too shy to talk to anyone besides me and Mark and a few others anyway, so they opted for Braedan instead (who does not shun the spotlight, to say the least). We had talked ahead of time about the things he might say–that he’d go to the playroom and paint or use playdoh while Austin was in the hospital, and of course, he told Betsy about his favorite thing: the “window elevator!” Some of you may remember from back in the Carepage days how much Braedan loved the glass elevator in the parking garage at the hospital and how, when one of us was heading home with him for the night, he’d make us ride it up to the top floor where we’d get out and look at the sun setting over Lake Erie or the lights leading all the way downtown. This was always one of those moments when Mark or I would be beyond exhausted and just wanting to go home and crawl into bed after another long day at the hospital, but instead we’d be standing up there looking at that incredible view of Cleveland, and I was always struck by how small children manage to find beauty in life’s ugliest moments.

So, anyway, after Betsy did her forecast and talked to me briefly, she asked Braedan about what he used to do at Rainbow. And he froze! He was so mesmerized by the image of himself (in slight time delay) on the little TV in front of him, that he just stood there and gazed and looked pretty and said, “Uuuuuuuhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmm” until she finally asked about he elevator and then he perked right up!  He started flailing his arms about imitating how quickly we could ride up and down, up and down, and it was so stinking cute.

See for yourself right here. You can fast forward through the weather part and start when there are just more than two minutes left (I think it’s like 2:07, not that I’ve watched this a million times or anything!).

Then, as the golfers were eating their dinner, I got to give a short speech about what Rainbow means to us. Mark and the boys were standing up there with me, making silly faces (not Mark) for the audience (in case I bored anyone). And after that, Betsy asked to interview just me for the 7 o’clock news and wanted me to use a few lines from my prepared talk. So I think I managed to incorporate them in a natural way, but I have yet to see this one because it’s not posted on their website. I’m hoping they’ll send me a link so I can post it here. Austin appeared suddenly at my side eating (and wearing) a frozen Dove bar, so I imagine that one is also pretty stinkin’ cute.

Oh, and there was an auction at the event and my dad (who is the guy you always wish to have at your auction) bought an item that will allow Braedan and Austin to be the “Bus Stop” kids on Channel 3. These are the kids whose video appears during the weather forecast and they’re wearing whatever you should put your kids in as they head to the bus stop the next day. So we’ll go to the studio downtown and they’ll take a bunch of different clips of them, either in snowpants and hats or raincoats and umbrellas, to play alongside the nightly forecast. The offer is good for a year so I think I’ll wait until Austin’s behavior is a little more predictable. But watch out, world, here come the Gallagher boys!