Sure beats the weather here in cool and rainy Cleveland.

So . . . St. Jude’s recommended a resection and biopsy. That means removing the “shadow” to find out exactly what it is, which in Austin’s case means removing the kidney (and you know what that means). Now, this is just a recommendation, not something we are going to do rush out and schedule. It’s also not terribly surprising, especially because, according to Jeff’s description, the doctors were reviewing dozens of cases during Wednesday’s meeting and didn’t necessarily go through Austin’s entire past history, including the two years’ worth of CT scans we sent. In fact, they didn’t even look at the recent ultrasound because their radiologist didn’t think it was “relevant.” So, ultimately, we again think they didn’t really put their full attention to this and are not all that surprised by the automatic recommendation to get as much information as possible (at all costs, as I feared).

Mark and I have decided to finally go to Nashville and meet with them in person. We want the chance to sit down at a table and really discuss all that has happened and all the options moving forward (and all their ramifications).  The main guy we’d be meeting with is Dr. Green, the “Wilms’ tumor guru” who has been following along (albeit peripherally) with us since the very beginning. I think it will be much more productive for him to see Austin in the flesh (and not as a series of grey shadows on slides sent via FedEx) and for us to have a real human conversation.

There’s not a huge rush, so we’ll wait until after Halloween (obviously of great importance in a house with two little people) and probably go sometime in the next few weeks. We feel okay about this; not much has changed since yesterday after all.

And we could always use some sunshine and warmer weather . . .