This posting is guaranteed one hundred percent cancer-free, because sometimes you just have to step back, have some fun and eat a little candy already.

First: Our house has suddenly become more appealing to people (price drop, perhaps?). We had a showing Friday, three today (two with the same buyers — they came through at noon and again at 2!) and two scheduled for Sunday along with an Open House. One of the groups coming through on Sunday is the woman who looked about ten days ago. She is “very interested” and has been trying to bring her husband through all week but his work hasn’t allowed it, so that’s very promising. It sure would be nice to have one less thing on our plates!

And the new house is really coming along. The kitchen has floors and walls and most of the cabinets installed and it looks fabulous. The former sunroom-cum-world’s-most-spectacular-mudroom is well on its way. Turns out that space had major water damage from years of a leaking roof, so it’s a good thing we were already planning on some big construction in that space. When this is all finished, I will have no excuse for not being totally and completely organized at all times. (Feel free to bring that statement to my attention months from now if there are papers and mail and art projects covering my kitchen counters.) Thr third floor is almost done, thanks mostly to Mark’s endless hard work, and it too looks fabulous. After weeks of electrical and plumbing and other behind the scenes work that’s important but not exciting, we are finally seeing our house take shape and we love it. I promise pictures this week.

And my boys: Man, are they cute. Braedan dressed as the Tin Man for Storybook Character Day at school. The kids in his class were wowed with his homemade costume constructed from a lawn bag, plastic funnel cap, and air dryer vents all spray painted silver. Voila:

My proud Tin Man

They marched through the gym where the whole school gathered to hear the teachers, dressed in matching Dr. Suess hats, recite a group rendition of Green Eggs and Ham. The kids all proudly waved their books in the air that matched their character’s costume. It was really something.

Then Friday night, we messed up our perfectly clean house by carving pumpkins. Austin took literally every piece of silverware out of the drawers for this actviity and they both dragged “pumpkin goo” around the house on their socks but it was well worth it.

Tonight we’ll trick or treat for the last time on this block (weather permitting, please!). We considered heading over to Wellington because there is a spectacular Halloween display in a yard across the street from us with lights and music and all sorts of flying ghosts and enormous spiders controlled remotely by computer, but Mark thoughtfully pointed out that we should really give out candy at the house in which we currently live. And he’s right, of course, so home it is. Now if only I could get Breadan to wear his very original Tin Man costume instead of his Super-Man pajamas.  I can’t believe I’ve already passed the years when I have any say in what they wear!

                                                     My Super Men

And to top off the cancer-free weekend, we get an extra hour of sleep tonight! Not bad. Not bad at all.