Finally, some long overdue pictures of the ongoing progress at the new house. Now remember, these are still seriously stuck in the “during” phase, so you either have to vision or just trust that I do!

Did I mention that I was building the world’s most awesome mudroom? In fact, I think it needs a new name because MUDroom just doesn’t do it justice. I’m leaning towards “super-room.”


I only have exterior views because it's too dark in there.

How’s this for a nice playroom?  Don’t miss Austin there sliding across the newly refinished floors.


The third floor

And, of course, the kitchen. The cabinet doors aren’t on yet so that makes it hard to get a good sense of just how awesome it will be in the end.  Remember these “before” pictures?


This was a few weeks ago . . . it gets better


That hole is the future site of a new window.


Site of the future fridge (and Austin exploring the pantry cabinet)


The all-important "beverage area"

That’s it for now. Next week, I’ll have some of the bedrooms which are almost finished. We’re still waiting waiting waiting for someone to make an offer on this house. But I guess we’ve already used our weekly allotment of good luck, huh?