The latest updates on our potential (or not-so-potential) house buyers:

One couple has said they want to wait “a few months” before they make a decision. Yuck. And another said they still really love this house but the husband wants to make so low an offer, he’s afraid he’ll offend us. Make the offer already and let us decide how offensive it is!  Argh. We are having another Open House this weekend and my mom just met a couple in front of our house who had seen it online and were doing a “walk-by” to check it out. She almost invited them in which would have been postively disatrous (not exactly clean at this particular moment), but they’re planning to come this weekend.

Of course, I have yet to start packing because I want to keep everything looking nice, which is clearly my own delay tactic because see above. We’re still hoping to move before Christmas regardless of what happens with this house.

Speaking of delay tactics, the best of all come from Braedan. Each night as I walk out of his room, he calls, “Put on your brakes!” and proceeds to ask any number of irrelevant, out-of-the-blue questions. Last night, it was, “Mom, who invented words and how did they think them all up?”  Ha, right at bedtime!  Nice try, kiddo.