Just because you have a plan doesn’t mean things will go according to it . . . .

Don’t worry, nothing major except that instead of sitting around my table enjoying this delicious meal with my family, I am sitting in front of the computer quickly eating before packing my gear for one more night.

Today’s surgery to remove the catheter and insert the mediport was an “add-on” and they originally thought we’d go at 11. Then 12. Then 1. Austin was finally taken off to anesthesia at 3:05 and back in our arms by 5:15.

But that’s not why we’re staying. Because Austin is so small, they were unable, despite several attempts by the chief of pediatric surgery, to thread the mediport line through the vein in his neck. Ultimately they made a new incision and ran it lower down on his torso. It makes no real difference to him or us in the long run but they do want to do a repeat x-ray tonight on the neck to make sure there’s no damage and keep us for observation.

But first thing tomorrow, we are outta there.

And then, back on Monday for out-patient radiation and maybe (this part is indeed bad news) maybe back on Tuesday to start chemo. Chemo this time around is in-patient, usually for four days at a time which would mean . . . you guessed it . . . Christmas at the hospital.

That’s not set in stone yet and there are a few things that could postpone the start of chemo until Monday December 28 (none of which has anything to do with anyone feeling sorry for a child spending Christmas in the hospital), so there’s still hope. It doesn’t matter either way; we’ll just manage. That’s what we do.