OK, enough griping for now (not that it isn’t deserved . . .). But finally, I have an answer to the question I have heard not hundreds but thousands of times: What can I do to help?

I’ve written before about our favorite cancer-supporting organization, St. Baldrick’s. And we now find ourselves a mere month away from St. Patrick’s Day 2010, a perfect day on which to shave your head. Yes, that’s what I said and that’s what I’m asking you to do: shave your head for Austin. Now, I will readily admit that I’m not willing to do it. Even for my own child. Nope, not me. But maybe you?

This year, we’ve formed Team Austin, which can be joined by participants nationwide (and even worldwide, as long as there’s an event near you).  And the Cleveland event at A.J. Rocco’s (among the most successful events in the country) has designated Austin as one of its Honored Children.

Visit the St. Baldrick’s site and learn about the incredible medical research they fund and the incredible children they honor and the incredible (and incredibly brave) shavees who sacrifice their hair to stand in solidarity with all the bald children currently in the fight.

Maybe you’ll be inspired to join them. And if, like me, you believe you can still do good while keeping your hair safely on your head, you can at least donate. On behalf of Mark who’s shaving for the third year in a row, or Braedan who’s shaving at the family-friendly event in Chagrin Falls the Sunday before St. Patrick’s Day, or the mom at Braedan’s school whose hair goes all the way down her back, or any of the thousands of other men, women and children across the country taking this step.

And at the very least, you can come out and join us for the fun on Wednesday, March 17 after the parade at A.J.Rocco’s downtown. Drink some beer, cheer on the shavees and make a difference.