They are not one-dimensional, these boys. Braedan is not all blue to Austin’s all red. They each have varied, and sometimes contradictory, personalities.

Braedan, the “sensitive” one, is not at all shy. No, ask any teacher he’s had over the years, this boy is not quiet and not shy. He’ll talk your ear off, in fact, especially if you’re a grown-up, and is a very animated story-teller. But at the same time, he shuns the limelight and claims stage fright every time I suggest a foray into theater. The fact that he willingly signed up for St. Baldrick’s this year is a big deal not because he’ll be shaving his head but because he’ll be doing it in front of a crowd.  (But if you read his page, you’ll see exactly why he’s doing it.)

Braedan is intuitive and observant. He always comments on how other people must feel in given situations and is remarkably in tune with both his own and others’ emotions. But he’s got a fiery streak too, especially as he gets older. He has a temper and is becoming increasingly fearless.

Austin, my “fiery” one, is also a snuggler and a love-bunny. So he jumps and leaps around but comes back for regular comfort and lovin’, needing the reassuring presence of Mommy often. He’s physically fearless but shy among his peers, preferring the quiet Play-doh table to the rowdy truck area at school (unlike his wilder behavior at the hospital, which is where I truly think he feels most himself).

So, like their rooms (Braedan’s blue with the red chair rail and Austin’s red with the blue heater cover), they each have a little of the other inside them.  And we’re all the better because of it.