Guest blogger here, it’s me, Mark (and yes, Krissy is watching over my shoulder). I know she’s told you that I’m shaving my head again for St. Baldrick’s this year and I know you all know how important this event is to me and my family. But I wanted to put in a word here for Braedan.

He was nervous about signing up for this, mostly because he didn’t want “people watching” him. But he offered to do it for his brother, and Krissy and I are both so proud of him. Although they fight like cats and dogs, Braedan loves Austin a ton and wants nothing more than for him to be able to do all the things regular three-year-olds do.

We all want to raise as much money as we can for pediatric cancer research and we’d all love for Team Austin to be the first-place fundraiser at the Cleveland events. But more than anything, Krissy and I would like Braedan’s courage and sacrifice to be rewarded with pledges of support from his friends and family (just click on his name above and follow the instructions)). It doesn’t have to be a lot; ten bucks makes a difference. And now that he’s learning to read, he loves decoding the names of his donors. He IS pretty curious about his friend “Anonymous” though!

Now, back to the master for her hacking (I mean, revising). . . .