Mark is not going to shave his head at A. J. Rocco’s tomorrow after all.  Nope, not this year. But don’t worry, he didn’t suddenly become attached to what remains of his hair. He has been asked to shave it live on the morning program for Fox 8 News.

And not only that, but he will be accompanied by our other brave shavee Braedan.  (Those of you who saw him on the news back in August know that this will be worth watching!)  Unfortunately Austin’s blood counts are too low right now to allow him around so many strangers so he’ll be safe at home with his Gramp (who is safe at home from New Zealand, as of this morning).

The head of Children’s Oncology at Rainbow, and a man we know very well, will also shave his head on air to promote tomorrow’s event. And to highlight the neck-and-neck race to be the first place fund-raising team in Cleveland (an honor that, so far, still belongs to Team Austin).

So tune in to Fox 8 between 9:30 and 10 tomorrow to see it live or know that I will link you to it from here after the fact. We will definitely still be at A.J. Rocco’s in the afternoon to cheer on the other shavees and partake of the celebration.

And yes, I do see the irony of us being on Fox, of all networks!  Ha.