After last week’s emotional high, we’ve begun that speedy descent downward. Well, no, that’s not true, we haven’t begun it yet. It’s more like we’re perched at the top of the roller coaster, having slowly crept up with the creak creak creak of the wheels and are now poised at the top, awaiting the plunge. Only this plunge is not for fun.

Last Thursday, Austin had another of those major kidney function tests, a GFR, where they take a series of blood draws over the course of the day to see just how well the kidney can filter out the test-fluid they first inject into his blood stream. This is the one (also called a “nuclear scan”) that we were so pleased was normal back in December following the kidney-sparing surgery and then were even more pleased in January when it was even more normal. Well, his result on Thursday was so far from that, so totally not normal, that they think there was some sort of “interference.” I have no idea what might have interfered with the results, but I hope something did because if that score is correct, the kidney is pretty much done for. As in just-go-ahead -and-remove-the-damn-thing-now-so-we-can-finish-chemo done for.

Not panicking yet. Worrying? Yes. But not panicking. He doesn’t appear to be in kidney failure, for what that’s worth. I mean, I think we’d notice something. His weekly lab results are fine, he’s not puffy, still peeing, the whole bit. So we wait for the repeat test, which will happen on Tuesday, and take it from there.

Perched at the top of that roller coaster, not sure when we’ll fall.