He needed platelets again yesterday. And again today.

His body just can’t keep hold of them.  I don’t really understand the science behind it but something about his antigens “chewing them up.”  Yesterday was actually our “quick” day as it lasted only four-and-a-half hours and we were out in time to pick up Braedan. Today took longer because about thirty minutes after his transfusion, he broke out in hives.  An allergic reaction to some of the antibodies in his donor platelets, not terribly uncommon but concerning nonetheless. So, a quick dose of Benadryl through his line and a sudden nap and we were released shortly after 5.

Braedan is so completely easy-going that he is thrilled with whomever picks him up from school, however unexpected, and he had a great afternoon jumping on the trampoline of our friends. That definitely makes things easier. Plus the fact that everyone seems to enjoy having him over — he’s not one of those kids whose favorite activity is “dumping” (you know, dumping containers of toys onto the floor but never playing with any of them). He’s endlessly chatty and adores grown-ups, so I don’t feel too guilty for foisting him on people at the last minute.

We’re due back in the clinic in the morning and expect to have to go in over the weekend too for at least blood counts if not transfusions, which means briefly checking into the in-patient floor since the clinic is closed.

Nothing brilliant to say right now except I. Am. Tired.