I have some answers to the what-can-I-do-to-help question and this time not one of them involves going bald!

First, and this one is relatively easy no matter where you live, give blood. Austin has been using up his fair share from the blood bank lately so it seems like we ought to refill the coffers in his honor. And if you’re so inclined and have the time, give platelets too. Donating platelets takes a little longer and can’t be done as frequently as giving blood, but is important nonetheless.  Maybe some of you who do this on a regular basis (Chris) can chime in with some advice in the comments section since I’ve never done it myself. I mentioned to my mom the other day that I’d been meaning to and she said, “No! You need to save your strength! Let other people do that.” I don’t really think it’s all that debilitating, but I’ll let the rest of you take that burden away from frail little me. Of course, your platelets wouldn’t necessarily go to Austin (although they might since he gets them so often!) but they would certainly go to some other deserving patient in need.

The next thing is fun and something I hope many of you will participate in. CureSearch, which I’ve written about on the Sites of Interest page, is hosting walks all across the country this spring, summer and fall to celebrate and honor children whose lives have been touched by cancer.  Cleveland’s event is Saturday, May 8 at Wade Oval and includes a short walk (I think it’s just around the pond or something — they never mention a distance on the site so it can’t be long), plus games, music and food. It’s perfect for the whole family and a  great way to celebrate Austin while also raising money for important research (CureSearch is where St. Baldrick’s dollars go as well). The event costs $10 for adults and is free for children under age 16. I just registered Team Austin and am hoping to have 100 people join his team (we’re up to four right now: me, Mark, Braedan and the little man himself) so please plan to come out and walk with us.

The registration page can be found here but beware that the photo on the page is not of Austin. I can only upload one that’s smaller than 50KB and I don’t have a file so small!  Silly, but you already know how cute he is:

Oh, and one more: wish us well for tomorrow’s GFR. Let’s hope this little kidney is still kickin’.