We were released right on time yesterday, home by 1 pm, no crazy last minute procedures or tests or delays. About time we had an easy visit, huh?

And we got word on Friday that someone was preparing to make an offer on our house! We thought it might come in by the end of that day, and then were told we’d have it by the end of Saturday. Well, this morning our realtor told us that the couple, whose previous offer on another house had been rejected, decided at the last minute to offer more on that house as ours was their second choice. We were bummed all day, having felt so close to scratching that massive item off our massive to-do list. Then this evening our realtor called again to say their higher offer was also rejected and the agent was finalizing the paper work and we’d have an offer within the hour. Ah, phew, finally. An hour later the phone rings and my whole family, who was over for dinner, was clamoring about going,”It’s your realtor! This is the offer!  Hurry, hurry, grab the phone!”

Weeelll, because nothing is ever so simple, the other sellers apparently called the couple back just moments before and accepted their offer after all. And that was that; in an instant our buyers slipped away and were gone.

Ugh. But we have had a lot of activity.  Ten showings in the past three weeks, which is more than we had the entire five months it was on the market last year. So, it’ll happen, it’ll happen. One of these days, it will just happen.

But, aside from that major disappointment, all has been well here. Austin feels mostly fine; threw up this morning but then had a fairly normal day. He’ll get to go to school tomorrow before heading in for labs. We expect he’ll need blood again, which means another eight-hour Transfusion Tuesday watching springtime from the wrong side of a window.

Oh, and please remember to sign up for the CureSearch Walk as part of Team Austin by clicking here. If you’re registering your entire family, choose the option that says “Register multiple walkers at once” which will save you from having to enter your contact information over and over again for each of your kids or family members.  Thanks to those of you who’ve already registered or donated or who’ve found the walks in your own cities. I really hope we can have a strong presence in honor of our little guy. And it’d be nice to see all of you in person for once!