I completely acknowledge the fact that my weeds in the garden analogy fails to even attempt to answer Austin’s primary question: Why do children get cancer? I have no answer for that one, other than the unsatisfying response I give Braedan every time he asks it: Bad luck.

“Bad luck” is simply the best I can do, because children with cancer sure doesn’t make any sense to me.

But, sensible or not, we live with it so . . . we’ve had a fine week. Austin went to school for another three days, including a field trip to the Nature Center “to look for bugs.”

His labs on Monday were fine so he didn’t need any blood products until today when we had one of our full day transfusions. He’ll be back in the morning for platelets, which we expect each day next week as well. His other blood counts are too low to allow him at school anyway so I guess we might as well spend our days in the hospital.

He is getting excited for the CureSearch walk and loves to hear the names of his friends and classmates who will be joining us. If you haven’t signed up yet, you can do so here. The organizers do want children to be registered, even though they don’t have to pay anything, just for planning’s sake.  They’ll have balloon clowns and face painters so it is definitely a family-friendly event. Strollers are welcome although only the very young should need them because it’s quite short — I think just around the interior circle of Wade Oval. I know that they want active cancer patients to be able to participate so I’m pretty sure everyone else will be able to handle it too.

And if you can, please wear something red, Austin’s favorite color.  This will allow us to easily find each other and will signify our strength as a team. Also, I don’t expect people to do any separate fundraising — your presence is enough — but if you have a network of people you’re comfortable hitting up, go for it.  In fact, the walker who raises the most money between now and the event will win two tickets to a 2010 Cavs playoff game. That’s almost as much motivation as finding a cure for childhood cancer!