Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow.  So far, we have 81 walkers registered (well, I counted some unregistered kids in that total) which is by far the largest team in Cleveland.  If you plan to register at the event, get there between 8 and 9. Otherwise, arriving by 9 should be fine.  Please remember to wear red so we can find easily each other and make a strong statement in celebration of our strong boy Austin.  Of course, you may need to wear red jackets or bring red umbrellas if the forecast is correct (hoping it’s not!).  We’ve never done this walk before so I’m not sure how the whole process works, but we’ll try to get there early (which is not easy for the Gallagher family, trust me) so that we can gather ahead of time.

Thank you in advance for coming out to support us.  It really does mean a lot.

And it’s not too late to join us.