I know it sounds cliched and a little bit trite to hear people go on and on about how cancer makes you appreciate every moment, how you learn to live life to the fullest and feel thankful for each small thing. But it’s really true.

Everything we do seems to be tinged with a heightened sense of importance, which often leads to a heightened sense of fun. We have filled our past three days of official “summer” with lots and lots of swimming and friends and backyard fires and bike rides and fireworks and even a baseball game.

Friday night we went to Austin’s first Indians game and Braedan’s second (both in a loge — I don’t know what that boy’s gonna think when he goes to a “real” game!).  They thoroughly enojoyed themselves, mostly climbing around on the seats and coloring pictures of Slider the mascot. The night ended with a massive fireworks display, worthy of any town’s official Fourth of July show.

As I sat under the dark summer sky with Austin in my lap and Braedan behind me screeching with delight at the fireworks exploding in front of us, I couldn’t help but think how very very lucky I am for now. Six months ago, we didn’t know if we’d get to now.  I am so so thankful for now.