I have never been to a Cavs game. Ever. And boy, am I regretting that now.

So, yeah, I’m disappointed. Just like very other sports fan in Cleveland. And almost every other living, breathing human being in Cleveland. This definitely sets us back about a decade in our never-ending, never-satisfying quest for a championship.

But — and no, I’m not going to say, “But there are two wars going on and there’s an oil spill and children have cancer,” (even though there are and there is and they do) — but simply that it’s his life and his choice. So maybe he’s chasing money and glory and a high-rolling life? That’s his right. Many of us have left our hometowns for higher salaries, more glamorous zip codes, more exciting lifestyles.  That doesn’t make us traitors.

Now I agree that this sucks, that Cleveland deserves a break and definitely definitely deserves a championship. And I also agree that he owed this city the courtesy to not make that announcement in such a grandiose fashion. He had to know that people would take it personally and he should have shown more respect and foresight than that. But ultimately, it’s his life. And he gets to do with it whatever he wants.

And I thought Mark and I were making The Decision of 2010. Geez.

Le Braedan, 2004

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