Austin has a Witness t-shirt. Long-sleeved, black with the Nike swoosh and those stark white capital letters. He’ll keep wearing it. He’s a witness after all. As are we all.

I’ve witnessed greatness and heroism and bravery many times over. Every time a teacher stays late to help that struggling child. Every time a nurse cries with a family. Every time a doctor takes a middle of the night call from scared parents. Every time someone gives a little more than they can afford. Every time someone makes the right choice instead of the easy choice.

I saw it when my lifelong friend lost his leg from the knee down and, instead of giving up and sitting in front of the TV, he became a triathlete. I see it every day when Austin wakes up and, even though he has a thousand reasons to hate the world and another thousand to fear the world, he chooses to love it instead.

I witness them everyday: Small bits of greatness. Quiet acts of heroism. Ordinary miracles. And you know what? So do you.

Let’s celebrate that.

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