When I wrote, at about 2:30 this afternoon, that his blood transfusion had just started, I was wrong. It started at 5:30. Yes, 5:30! Despite the fact that it was ordered at 10 o’clock this morning and despite the fact that it takes almost eight hours to transfuse. No good reason, either, just vague excuses from the blood bank about it taking extra long. Puh-lease. I am beyond mad about this one. Somehow when you’re in-patient, the fact that you could actually have some sort of a schedule — or actually want to exercise any control over it — goes completely out the window.

Oh well, he’s hooked up now, has finally passed the 24-hour mark with no fever allowing him to be released from his room to race around the hallways with the other “sick” kids and we are still leaving as soon as he’s done, even if that is at 2am.

So there.