We are indeed home. There were no additional delays yesterday, despite a worrisome IV line that required some tiresome arm positioning, and blood was finished by ten past one.  I woke up my sleeping boy, who aroused himself long enough to scream bloody murder in my arms as said IV was finally removed, spurting blood all over both of us. We quickly departed and were home in bed by 1:30.

Today we were right back in the swing of things, playdates and a hike along the creek at Squaw Rock followed by a picnic dinner and much wrestling in the grass with friends at Wade Oval. Tomorrow is our annual end-of-summer trip downtown to meet Daddy at his office and go out to lunch, for which Austin is most excited.

So, as quickly and deeply as we plunge into that dreaded world of the sick, we likewise fully re-embrace the world of the living.  Here we are, here I am, shouts Austin in his every move, let’s make the most of it.