Well, the show must go on.  The tree was finally removed today and the cable line was finally repaired today (after we were promised it would be yesterday and the day before that and the day before that). So finally, finally, here I sit again at my computer with a quick update of the past few days. Because preparing for this party was not the only thing on my to-do list.

Austin had another ultrasound yesterday, a follow-up from last month’s when we saw that shadow on his liver.  (Yeah, that seemed fast to me too.) Well, everything remains as it was. There is still something visible on his liver but it is unchanged from the last time, always good in the world of potential cancer. We again went through the various possible options for finding out what it is and determined that none of them are practical or safe or effective. As our oncologist said, moving forward (or not) all depends on our tolerance for not knowing what this thing is.  And, in truth, our tolerance for not knowing is quite high. All the reasons we had against extra action a month ago stand today.  So we will carry on and re-image in four more weeks.

His other lab results look excellent.  His hemoglobin is still high, which means no need for blood for a good long while (phew).  His blood pressure is down, in an almost perfect range for an (almost) four-year old. His creatinine remains where it was two weeks ago, which is good good good.  And, in perhaps the best news of the day, his oncologist said there’s no reason to see us again before his next ultrasound, scheduled for October 7. A full four weeks! Woo hoo.

And now, the boys are at the Tribe game with their Gramp and “Uncle Pauly,” the house is (almost) spotless, the tables, chairs and twinkle lights are all set in the backyard and all there is left to do is hope the weather forecast is wrong. Now how hard can that be?