So, I couldn’t wait to show you the pictures (and know I’ll have so many more by next week) that I figured I’d post these before we left.

Here is the treehouse, after a mere two days of work (one — today! — that involved hail):

It’s more of a house built on a platform than an actual treehouse, but either way, it’s very cool.  It’s designed to look like the house from Up and will be tilted slightly as if it’s taking off.  The Amish guys were joking today that they’d get fired from most jobs for building a crooked house!

Turns out there might be some volunteer opportunities, like painting and other finishing touches, available to friends. If you’re interested (and you certainly should feel NO pressure, but some of you have asked and offered), you can contact our wish coordinator Virginia at

And now . . . to sleep and then . . . to pack (oops, haven’t started that yet!) and then . . . to Maine.