Perhaps you’ve been wondering where I’ve been.

Maybe you worried that some medical calamity had befallen us and we were back in the hospital buried under tests and procedures and worries.

No, not that.  (You know I always find my way to a computer no matter how calamitous the calamity.)

Perhaps you thought I was on a self-imposed hiatus from blogging to focus on the “real” writing in my life: working on my book and polishing my oral pitch in preparation for the writing conference at the end of the month.

No, not that either.  Although that would be wise and is about to come.

But if you guessed that I was relaxing on the sunny beaches of Jamaica with my beautiful children, well, then you’d be right on (mon).

Yes, we have just returned from six days in paradise, a biennial getaway with the almost-complete Dietrich clan: my parents, two brothers, their wives and a grand total of five grandchildren.

Mark had wisely advised against advertising our absence on so public a forum as this, hence the quiet departure. It was all very lovely and we’re now trying to re-accilmate to winter life, with the boys returning to school (and all of us returning to reality) tomorrow after an extra week of vacation.

A few teaser pics below, with more (and more details) to follow: