I don’t intend to make anyone jealous (I too am looking at my window at another winter wonderland), but here are some more pictures from our trip.

Enjoying the pool (nice view, eh?)

And the beach

The littlest Dietrichs

One happy boy

This old school merry-go-round gave me the opportunity to
explain the words “litigious society” to Braedan when he asked
why we don’t have any closer to home!

Sweet boys

Braedan in the bird cage

Proof of how much the kids have grown in two years: they actually survived the pony riding (and even asked for more)!

I guess I’m having fun too

Increasing evidence that we need to carry a real camera with us and stop relying solely on our blurry phones . . .

Really, how hard would that be?

Til next time . . .