A little piece of “news” that may have gotten lost during our vacation: Austin’s treehouse and the generous team of builders who made it happen were featured in The Real Estate section of the Cleveland Plain Dealer on Sunday, January 2. Interestingly, we had no idea it was going to be published until Mark’s mom called that morning.

Mark got up and started flipping through the piles and even opened up the Real Estate section while I, from across the kitchen, glanced up and said, “Wait. Is that Austin’s treehouse on the cover?”

And indeed it was. A lovely picture of the four of us in front of the treehouse and a great article about all the people who made it a reality. I now have a full list of the companies and professionals who donated their time and materials and can get busy writing some Thank You notes!

The second page of the article includes “Austin’s story as written by his mother Krissy,” which is, well, true. It was taken from an email I sent to some of those involved in the project who had asked for “Austin’s background.” It’s fine and accurate and all that, but I sort of wish I’d have known it was going to be in the Sunday edition of Cleveland’s major newspaper so I could’ve brought my A-game!