It’s that time of year again … head-shaving time!

Team Austin is once again registered for this year’s St. Baldrick’s events and currently has three members:

Four-time shavee and proud father Mark, two-time shavee and proud brother Braedan …

and … introducing … first-time shavee and proud survivor AUSTIN.

Yes, that’s right, the little guy has asked to join his dad and brother at this year’s event. Not totally sure how I feel about that (we had to work pretty hard to get a headful of hair back on this boy), but they’re all plenty excited.

Mark will be shaving at the adult event on St. Patrick’s Day at AJ Rocco’s downtown following the parade. The boys will shave the following Sunday, March 20, at the Chagrin Falls Township Hall at the more family-friendly event (where they serve cookies and juice instead of green beer). Please consider joining us, either as team members or at least as cheerleaders, on one or both of those days.  Both events are moving and lots of fun (albeit in different ways).

And maybe your kids would like to join the team this year? There’s no minimum amount to raise and I think it would be more about the statement they’d be making than the dollars they’d be raising. Although the fabulous St Baldrick’s did raise a whooping $22 million last year for pediatric cancer research.

I’ve explained to my boys that they probably won’t raise as much this year as they did last ($4,460 for Braedan and more than $18,000 for Team Austin) for a few reasons: 1) Austin is no longer in treatment and the sense of urgency that existed last year has (thankfully) diminished. And 2) all their donations this year will have to be divided in half.  Yes, divided in half. Please pay attention, you potential donors: Please please please, I beg of you, if you give any amount to one child please give the exact same amount to the other. I don’t care if it’s tiny little bits, five bucks for one kid and five for the other, but just please keep it as even as possible. Braedan was super proud of himself last year for being the top fundraiser on Team Austin and the top fundraiser at the family event, and he’s old enough now to read the lists of donors and amounts on the website, and trust me, he will be keeping score.  I thank you in advance for helping me maintain some sense of peace in our household.

Here are their pages for all you generous souls: Mark here, Braedan here and Austin here (they’re all currently listed at the AJ Rocco’s event but I’ll move the little people once the other one is registered).

So, six weeks from now, my little Austin will be bald for the third time in his short life. But this time, for only good reasons.