In a day and a half, I will be surrounded by baldies (yet again). I know both Mark and Braedan look spectacularly handsome without their hair — Braedan in particular becomes all eyes and eyelashes (and man, does that kid have eyelashes!). Here they are, following Braedan’s first at-home head shaving last Christmas:

But my little Austi-bean. I’ve only known him bald when he was really really bald. As in hairless. No eyelashes, no eyebrows. Of course, he was still darling but he was also undoubtedly sick. So I feel a tinge of sadness as I prepare to send him up on that stage for his first official St Baldrick’s ‘do.

But here they are now, all long overdue for a haircut:

Braedan’s Devo dance moves

This one even has hair on his back!


Tonight, after the final shampooing

Funny, it’s bedtime and only Mark looks tired.

No surprise how this one ended up . . .

Thank you to everyone who’s pledged on their heads. The boys are thrilled with your generosity. Team Austin has raised over $7,500 which is really fantastic considering it’s just the three of them (and they’re all hitting up the same pool of donors!).  Here are their pages again, just in case (but honestly no pressure, they’ve done great already):  Braedan, Austin and Mark.

And now, onward to St Baldrick’s Day . . . and the better-be-right forecast of sunshine and warmer weather.  Lots to look forward to.