Speaking of anniversaries, one year ago today Austin had his last dose of chemotherapy, now making him officially “one year out” from the end of treatment. And halfway there.

Well, nothing is official until he has his next round of scans which isn’t scheduled until May 12 because of the difficulty coordinating the various procedures he’ll have done. So if those come back clear, then we can celebrate one year done.

But even so, we’ve never gotten this far before. The first time he had cancer, he finished treatment in February 2008. By that December, we were already watching a suspicious shadow near his left kidney. We then moved what should have been his one year scans back to February, when the shadow still appeared. By the end of March, he had that dreaded needle biopsy which confirmed the shadow was indeed a Wilm’s tumor and the rug was ripped out from under us before we had ever celebrated a full year.

Following that little “episode,” we were again watching suspicious shadows in October 2009, which of course were confirmed as cancer by that December. So, even without having received our official one year all-clear, this is still the farthest we’ve ever gone cancer-free.

And perhaps it is fitting that this anniversary should fall on Easter. Of course it is no secret that I am not religious and the Christian holidays I celebrate are more about spending time enjoying family (and food!) than about any Biblical story, but still, resurrection has a secular meaning too (granted, it’s the fifth one down): a rising again, as from decay, disuse, etc; a revival.  Sounds about right.

Resurrection, renewal, the start of spring, second chances, new beginnings, the passing of the long dark winter, the coming of days filled with sunshine and light. Yup, sounds about right.

Getting ready for their indoor egg hunt