Walk with Austin.

The CureSearch Walk for Children’s Cancer on Saturday, June 4 will raise awareness and critical funds needed for research into the prevention and treatment of childhood cancers.

While we all hear a lot about the advances made in cancer treatments, the truth is that for pediatric cancers, progress is painfully slow. Most national dollars go to adult cancers, and drugs and procedures then trickle down to kids. Sometimes this works fine, but it fails to recognize the impact of long term side effects on those who still have fifty or sixty or seventy years of life ahead of them.

I remember countless times when we were making medical decisions for Austin and his oncologist would list the potential side effects, things like heart failure or secondary leukemia, that might occur ten or twenty or thirty years down the road. We would worry and fret, wishing we had options, but his oncologist would always say, “You can’t worry about what happens in twenty years. You have to get to twenty years.” So we did what we had to and, while we are of course thankful for each moment we get today, he nonetheless has a lifetime of major health issues ahead of him.

It doesn’t have to be that way. It shouldn’t be that way. We must insist that doctors and researchers (and funders, both individual and federal) work in a way that guarantees progress. Currently only 5% of the budget of the American Cancer Society goes toward pediatric cancers. The same is true for the National Institutes of Health. Major nationwide fundraising activities, like Relay for Life (often hosted by high schools and colleges), dedicate less than 5% of their dollars to childhood cancers.

We can do better. CureSearch and the Children’s Oncology Group are the key to making a difference. They are conducting the research that may be too late to help Austin but could cure the child who is diagnosed today and another who is diagnosed tomorrow and another the day after that. All you have to do is sign up to walk on Team Austin on Saturday, June 4 at Wade Oval. Follow the steps I outlined here to make your registration as painless as possible. And make sure you join our team!

You may not cure childhood cancer. But you can take a first step.