I was feeling a little pathetic about the fact that Mark and I haven’t danced with each other in nearly four years so I took a more careful mental inventory of events we’ve attended and realized we have indeed danced with greater frequency than I gave us credit for. We danced when we went to D.C. for the Inauguration (at least at the Ohio Gala — I think we were too tired to move by the official Ball) and we’ve danced at several benefits we’ve attended over the years — definitely the Rainbow Gala and the Diabetes Association events and maybe others I can’t recall. And there have been numerous living room danceathons with the kids, to Austin’s favorites Zingo, Zango and the entire Juno soundtrack.

But none of those make such a good story as our fifth wedding anniversary so I’m just gonna stick with that.  But I am gonna try to incorporate a little more dancing into our lives.