Surely you won’t be too surprised when I tell you who had a fever and was vomiting today?

That’s right: my sweet Brady-Bean, Brado-potato, the Braedanator. (Please, do everything you can to restrain yourself from ever repeating those pet names in his presence or he will disown me.)

Yup, came home yesterday afternoon and crashed on the couch with a mild fever. Woke up in the night to throw up off the side of his bed before falling back to sleep. Of course, this is just an ordinary (and sometimes extraordinary) kid with an ordinary sickness; no trips to the ER for IV fluids this time. He’s very philosophical about the whole thing too, as in, “Mom, isn’t it a good thing I didn’t eat those turkey burgers for dinner because then I’d have so much more inside me to throw up?” (Yes, indeed … good thing.)

He perked up as the afternoon wore on and is now feeling totally fine, but still using the “sick” excuse to sit on the couch glued to iCarly.

Nothing but ordinary over here.