While we’re here jumping off the dock and dodging seaweed in the lake, my sister-in-law Sarah has flown to Boston for this weekend’s Swim Across America event. She and her brother are part of a team that will swim a total of 22 miles in the Boston Harbor to raise money for cancer research.

Sarah happens to be a stellar athlete, good at every sport she attempts so I have no doubt she’ll do fabulously at this as well, especially in her hometown. Her brother has participated for a bunch of years, sometimes in Austin’s honor, and I’m certain it will be enormous fun on top of the enormous physical challenge. If you want to support Sarah in her efforts, visit her fundraising page here. The funds go to the Dana Farber clinic for survivors of childhood cancer.

Turns out that this year, another swimmer is participating for Austin: a girl (well, once a girl, now a college graduate) who I used to babysit for in Cambridge when I was a college student myself is also swimming, motivated by Austin’s story.

So, here’s wishing for good weather and calm seas. Good luck, Jono. Good luck, Susannah. And good luck, Aunt Sarah,