I had an opportunity over the weekend to give a speech on behalf of Jeremy Cares, an organization that provides gifts to families who are in-patient over the holidays — like theirs once was and like ours almost was.

My talk can be viewed here.  It’s fairly long and a bit fuzzy at times, but I think you’ll enjoy it. I got a lot of positive feedback afterward and even a standing ovation when I announced just how fine Austin is now. I do wish I had pulled my hair back though since it keeps getting in my way and I also should have put down the five sheets of “speech” I’d brought with me, only to end up speaking from memory since there was no podium.  But now that I’ve pointed out all the flaws, take a look. (The video is located on Facebook right now, so let me know if you’ve yet to venture into that world and are unable to see it.) Note: Now it’s a few hours later and I was told by many that the video was “unavailable” so try the link above, it should now take you to another site and you should be able to view it.

Here also is the clip of Jeremy George’s family last week on Good Company, our local morning show, describing how their organization came to be.