A successful day all around.

Austin is good. Liver, kidney and lungs remain unchanged, heart has actually improved slightly, lab numbers good. He is now officially sixteen months cancer-free — the longest cancer-free stretch he has had in his entire life.

We should have two more sets of tests like this before he reaches the golden two-year mark. Then his scans move to every six months and some things, like the chest CT, get downgraded to a chest x-ray which exposes him to considerably less radiation.

He handled the day well, although it does get exhausting to be there for all those hours and he feel asleep in the car on the way home (with Mark, who had to relieve me at 2:50 so I could be there to walk Braedan home from his first day).

And speaking of that first day, he is thrilled. A way different reaction than he had last year when he came home and cried for three hours. (Not that there was anything dramatically wrong with his first grade teacher — she was perfectly nice — but he never felt a warm connection to her and Braedan is all about the warm connection.)

He asked tonight if he had school again tomorrow and when I said yes, he cheered, “Yay! I get to see Mrs. Nice-and-Fun Teacher!”

Now I just need all of today’s results to last and last and last.

Heading out

Too cool for school?

Hey, don’t forget about me!