September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Which unfortunately does not result in the blanket of pink ribbons you’ll see next month for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Nothing against breast cancer awareness, of course, but how many of you even knew that gold was the color for childhood cancers?  Not many, I bet, because I didn’t know it myself until quite recently.

But if you’re already a member of this small world of pediatric cancer families, you know that there are a lot of events taking place in an effort to raise awareness and further research. The President issued a lovely proclamation last week which not only recognized those children (and families) currently in the fight but also the lifelong health consequences of treatment for those who’ve survived.

And I’m excited to announce that our sweet Austin was featured today on the Facebook page of The St. Baldrick’s Foundation as part of their month-long campaign to put a face to this disease.  I’m not sure if you can see it if you’re not on Facebook (I know you’re out there, you non-Facebookers) but here’s the link.  It’ll only be up for a few days so please “Like” St. Baldrick’s page (everyone should like St. Baldrick’s, Facebook or not) and check it out.

And maybe someday, we’ll all associate gold ribbons with childhood cancer. Or maybe someday, we’ll actually cure this dang thing and we won’t have to have Childhood Cancer Awareness Month at all (except in history class!). Wouldn’t that be nice?