My almost eight-year-old Braedan is long past the age where I have any control over what he wears for Halloween.  Despite my endless suggestions and offers to create something clever and unique, he opted for a packaged costume from Target and went as a Motorcross Racer. Of course, he’s as cute as ever no matter what he wears.

Yesterday, at the end of his school’s parade

Austin, on the other hand, is still young (and impressionable) enough that he actually wants me to make his costume. This year, we settled on a rocket ship/space shuttle which I fashioned out of foamy poster paper. We were both pretty pleased with the results.

Until we got to Braedan’s classroom yesterday afternoon and Austin suddenly refused to put it on. He marched in that whole parade wearing no costume and a scowl on his face, matched only by mine. I was so disappointed that he wouldn’t wear it that I kept harping at him, in my own whiny voice: “This is what you asked for, Austin. This is what you begged me to work on every night.” Next tactic: “Well, I don’t know what you’re gonna wear on Halloween night because I’m not getting you another and nobody wants to give candy to kids without costumes.”

Shockingly, none of my threats or pleas worked. But once we got home, he cheerfully announced that he actually loves his costume and does plan to wear it for trick-or-treating!  Huh. He even put it on and let me take some photos.

Blasting off up the back stairs (which are still part of our
construction zone — more on that next week!)

The back view

Can’t waste a good pre-election opportunity like Halloween!

Kids ….