Look, even the grown-ups can have fun on Halloween:

Yes, this is another homemade costume, this one created with thick poster board and some time-consuming copying and printing of images of iPhone icons found online. The boys, of course, insisted I include an Angry Birds app. And the only one I actually invented was my school levy “Issue 6” app:

And the back view:

Do you think this will bring new jobs to Cleveland?

Mark was, obviously, Steve Jobs. I thought he could wear any old jeans and a black turtleneck from his closet, but he insisted on going out and buying the exact ones. And, man, was he right.

He looks nothing like Steve Jobs in real life, but the the second he put on those high waisted light blue jeans and that iconic mock turtleneck, he was instantly transformed:

And there we were, ready to party, a dead man and his favorite plaything: