It’s that time of year again, folks. Friday is the Rainbow Radiothon on WDOK 102.1 benefiting the child life department at the hospital. It looks like they’re going back to the old format of using the stories set to music.  This was how they did it for many years and it was enormously successful (because, as anyone with any fundraising experience knows, making people cry is the best way to get them to open their wallets). Then for the past two years, they used parent interviews with no song attached.  We participated in one of those as well and had our story used in 2010, but, honestly, it was pretty boring.

Now we’re back to our recording from many many years ago, long before the idea of relapse had entered our minds or our lives. Ordinary Miracle by Sarah McLachlan, as heard here, could not have been a more perfect match for us.

It’s sort of funny to hear the story now, with our confidence on full display (“Austin’s story ended happily…blah blah blah”). We clearly had no idea of all that lay ahead. Plus they cut and paste so many parts of the interview together that events that happened six days apart sound like they were mere hours later in the same day.

But it is truly beautiful and spot-on in its message. I can only offer my advance apologies to the preschool moms with mascara issues.

So, here it is: my sweet boy with that two-year old face covered in Fudgsicle.


“It seems so exceptional . . . that things just work out after all. . .” Exceptional indeed. We are living an ordinary miracle every day.