Perhaps some of you have seen the national “Deck the House” contest being hosted by  They are asking for uploaded photos or videos of houses with great holiday displays, which will then be voted on by each of the 860 Patch communities across the country.  A team of judges will then choose the top 24, which will then be open for nationwide voting. The local public school district of the final winning house will receive $100,000.

So, a friend suggested that our across-the-street neighbors enter their house in the contest. I brought it up to them, thinking they would politey decline, but they were all for it, pending approval by some neighbors over fears of increased car traffic.  You see, every year this guy creates this intricate forest of lighted trees that “dance” to Christmas music.  Really.  There’s a little sign in the yard telling you what station to listen to in your car (or living room if you’re us!) and the lights on the trees flash on and off in rythym to the music.  It’s a pretty incredible technological feat.

There’s a 3-minute video up on the Patch site now.  Take the time to watch it; it’s pretty cool.  My boys and I love the end when it looks like there’s just one tree racing around and around the yard. And then, of course, take the time to vote for it as your favorite (it’s the only entry in our district as of now). You can vote once each day between now and December 26. (And then, if it makes it to the Round of 24, you can start voting again between December 30 and January 8, but don’t worry, I’ll be here to remind you!) And, most especially, take the time to share it with all your networks far and wide.

Let’s go viral!