Some of you may have seen that beautiful picture of sweet Austin in the Plain Dealer last week.  It was just a short blurb in Tuesday’s Health section announcing him as one of St. Baldrick’s 2012 Ambassador Kids and can be seen here.

The funny thing is that we were away on vacation and had no idea it was being printed until I started getting random emails from people telling me they loved seeing Austin in the paper. I assumed it was about St. Baldrick’s since they’d sent press releases out to all our local news affiliates but wasn’t certain until I searched on my phone and found it.

The funniest thing was an email my dad received that afternoon from an old colleague saying that he’d just read about a little boy with Wilms tumor in the paper and it reminded him “of your grandson. How is he doing, by the way?” To which my dad replied, “That WAS my grandson!” And, of course, . . . “He’s doing great.”