I just got my event planning package in the mail from St Baldrick’s today. I eagerly opened the box and found my three beautiful boys looking back at me, several hundred times over. I received fifty posters and 1500 pocket brochures, every one of them featuring this image:


This is the picture, taken at last year’s AJ Rocco’s event, that is printed on the cover of millions of pocket brochures and thousands and thousands of recruiting posters AND, perhaps most exciting of all, on the huge banners that will hang behind shavees at every event across the country. I have yet to see one of those but I can only imagine how moving it will be.

So, here’s the task I propose to all of you, especially those readers who live in other cities and states: Well, no … wait, first things first. Please, if you’re planning to shave or if your child is planning to shave, (which is probably more likely), please do register online. The sooner you register, the more money you’ll raise and the more money you raise, the bigger difference you make. If you need a little extra motivation, I suggest scrolling through the images featured on St Baldrick’s Facebook page — they really capture the immense pride of shavees and the emotion (and fun) of these events. Here’s Team Braedan and here’s Team Austin.

Second, if you simply can’t bring yourself or your child to do it– which I totally get (no need to apologize!), please consider making a donation on the heads of one of my boys: Braedan here and Austin here (better yet, please take the extra few minutes like you did last year to split your donation neatly between them).

And now, for my challenge: Send me pictures! If you are out and about, anywhere at all, and you see one of those posters, PLEASE snap a picture of yourself in front of it and send it to me. I would love to have a collection of images from around the country featuring the three most beautiful bald men I’ve ever seen.

It takes all of us ….