Of course, our excursion on Wednesday would not have been complete without some media attention. Here’s a link to video coverage on the Lima news.

Interestingly, when I said I’d never heard of Bluffton before, I was wrong. I have and I think many of you have as well.  Five years ago, on March 2, 2007, the Bluffton University baseball team was on its way to Florida for the opening game of their season, driving through Atlanta, when their bus went over an embankment killing the driver, his wife and five players.  So, there they were on Wednesday, a team of young men on the eve of their five-year remembrance ceremony, doing something for someone else. Looking outward instead of inward. Focusing not on the legacy of their own tragedy but on preventing future tragedies of a completely different nature. Like I said in that video above, those boys carry a lot of weight. Their statement is loud and it is clear and it is powerful.

Speaking of school tragedies, there is not much to say about the shooting at Chardon High School that hasn’t already been said, time and time again over the past few days.  But here is something so amazingly simple that we can all do for the students there. One of Cleveland’s radio stations, Kiss FM, has a Rock Your Prom contest — one of those click-here-and-vote-for-your-school kind of things — where the winning school will receive $5000 towards their prom, along with a DJ, “club style event,” and lights/video/digital effects etc.  Chardon High is one of the many schools listed and there’s a Facebook campaign encouraging everyone to vote for them. It’s totally simple, you don’t have to log in or anything, just follow this link and click Chardon, every single day until they have a resounding victory. No matter where you live or where you went to school, no matter if you’d never heard of Chardon, Ohio before turning on the evening news on Monday … here is something we can give them, a small comfort in this time of tragedy, a little token of our sympathy. They’re still just kids after all and they deserve something special to look forward to.