What’s that they say about the best laid plans? I sure wish they wouldn’t say it.

As you astute readers may have already guessed, I learned this morning that tomorrow’s long-awaited scans need to be rescheduled. And I’m not using that word “long-awaited’ lightly. We’ve been waiting for these since July 30, 2007.

The radiologist who does all of Austin’s ultrasounds is unexpectedly out of the hospital until Monday. Usually, some other doctor could take over that function but Austin’s kidney is so misshapen and, well, abnormal that we really need the one guy who’s familiar with it to do this all-important scan. Otherwise, we’d end up with a messy reading and wishy-washy results and then they’d probably want to do it again in a few weeks.

I’ve known for a few hours now and have stopped muttering swear words under my breath and am instead trying to view this in the grand scheme of things. Yet another slight detour on the endlessly curving road to wellness. Of course, it does not ultimately matter whether Austin has his two-year scans tomorrow or on Monday (which is when they’re now happening). But goddammit! I was ready. I was excited. We had the evening cleared (a rarity) so we could relax and enjoy a nice celebratory dinner as a family without one or the other of us needing to rush off to a meeting or practice or whatever we’ll have to rush off to on Monday.  The day was set: Braedan was invited to a friend’s house, I’d given away Austin’s slot at lunch bunch so we could head straight to the hospital after his morning at school.  And now? Maybe we’ll just all play hooky and go to the zoo or something.

And set our sights on May 7.