So much for biking, it’s time for walking.

The CureSearch Walk for Children’s Cancer, to be exact. Many of you have walked with us for this event before, although it’s been almost a year and a half since we last had that pleasure because they moved the date from May to September to coincide with Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. This year’s Walk will be on Saturday, September 29 from 9 to 1 (it’s not truly that long, but the timing includes pre-registration, the walk itself and the ceremony afterwards).  I know it’s right smack in the middle of fall soccer season for the elementary kids, but I do hope many of you will be able to join us, even if just for part of it. The last one was very powerful, described here, and it means so much to all of us to see Austin and Braedan’s friends walking along beside them (and hey, I’m not asking you to shave your heads or anything!).

All the details can be found here and the homepage for Team Austin is here.  It’s only $10 to register and free for anyone under 16 (needless to say, though, a small donation is deeply appreciated).  Of course, I concentrate my fundraising efforts on St. Baldrick’s (more on that shortly), so I’m not asking for big donations or major fundraising campaigns from any of you, but that sea of red is a beautiful sight. Walk with us, if you will.