The first day was a success.  Both boys came home beaming, happy with their friends and thrilled with their teachers.

Still smiling at 3:15

As we rode our bikes to the obligatory celebratory dinner at The Colony that evening, I asked Austin about the one boy I’d heard him mention by name.  “So, do you think you’ll be friends with Ben?”

“I already AM friends with Ben!” he shouted back.  After the bikes were locked and we walked out onto the patio to meet Mark, whose family should be seated at the very next table but Ben’s? The boys squealed and shouted and introduced each other to their families. I definitely think this little friendship is gonna work.

Unfortunately, the start of the school year for kindergartners is dragged out ever so slowly.  One third of the kids go on each of the first three days. And because they started on a Thursday  and because that Thursday was right before a long weekend, Austin still hasn’t been back!  He did wake up in the middle of the night last week and cry about how unfair it was that Braedan got to go the next day and he didn’t.  Let’s just hold on to that thought for as long as possible, kiddo.  Finally, tomorrow, he’ll have his second day of school.

But school or not, we were all sure to make the most of the last official weekend of summer. Another few days in Chautauqua with friends, spent waterskiing and tubing, hiking the caverns at Panama Rocks and roasting marshmallows well past bedtime.

It has been a good summer indeed.