Ah, fall, my favorite time of year.  It still feels like summer, of course (and still is summer, of course), but I do so love September. Fires in the backyard on cool weekend evenings, high school football games, and Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

Yeah, it may not get the attention that October does, with pink ribbons exploding out of storefronts and tiny percentages of your lipstick purchase going to breast cancer research, but it is just as necessary and just as deserving of public notice.

I’m not going to drown you in all the stats (at least not today), but I will tell you what my family will be doing this month.

This afternoon, as soon as I pick up the boys from school (and show off my new haircut — pics to follow), we’ll drive out to Avon to give a talk at a golf event, raising funds for Rainbow Babies & Children’s. Tomorrow evening, we’ll tune in to the live televised Stand Up To Cancer fundraiser, an every-other-year favorite for us. I recently received an email that said that a photo I submitted of Austin might (key word, there: might) be used during the show. So tune in to ANY of the major networks on Friday and keep your eyes peeled.

I am also currently trying to get the Cleveland Heights University Heights schools to adopt St. Baldrick’s as their district-wide charity. I have pretty strong feelings about teaching kids the value of actual giving — as opposed to just bribing them with prizes and incentives, like the current Pasta for Pennies fundraiser does. But I’ll save that tirade for another day.

And on Saturday, September 29, our family will be walking — hopefully alongside many of YOU — in Northeast Ohio’s CureSearch Walk. Team Austin is still preeeeeeeeetty small, but I know a few people who could change that.

And if you ever wonder why this is all necessary, take a look at this image, posted recently on St Baldrick’s Facebook page, under the heading Why fight cancer?